Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy Organic, OIM 1L

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy Organic, OIM 1L

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When you give your crops the simple and complex carbohydrates in Bud Candy Organic OIM, you’re giving them an instantly accessible source of energy that they can channel into floral growth. The rest is stored away so it can be tapped for future ripening.
Plus, you’ll magnify the reproductive rate of beneficial microbes in the root zone by feeding them extra nourishment. This leads directly to greater root mass.
Finally, Bud Candy supplies bloom-enhancing plant extracts that increase essential oils for higher potency, better aroma, richer flavor, and sharper pigments for deeper, more pleasing colors.
  • Supplies a rich matrix of simple and complex carbohydrates for bigger fruits and flowers  
  • Delivers glucose to your plants to increase and enhance terpene production  
  • Provides an instant source of energy for plants to channel into floral growth and development  
  • Increases your crop’s natural energy reserves–which are later tapped during ripening!  
  • Feeds and nourishes beneficial microbes in the root zone—enhancing root mass and maximizing yields while optimizing trichome and essential oil production

100% Organic OIM Certified 

With Bud Candy Organic OIM, you never have to worry about synthetic ingredients or inorganic contaminants sneaking in, because it’s 100% Organic OIM certified.
You might know this already, but other companies may claim to have “organic” products, yet they’re not registered with the Organic Input Material (OIM) Program — the highly coveted, highly regulated program run by the California Department of Food and Agriculture that certifies organic fertilizers and supplements to be used in organic crop and food production.
This is incredibly important, because the high-value plants you grow are meant for human consumption.
That means, if you’re claiming that your crops have been grown with 100% organic fertilizers and supplements, it’s your responsibility to ensure that it’s true.
Because your consumers health is in your hands. And when you grow with Organic OIM-certified products like Bud Candy Organic OIM, you have that assurance you can pass onto consumers.

(Click here to see the differences between Organic OIM, USDA-NOP, OMRI certification.)

Feed Chart

As Part of a Regular Feeding Program:  Use 2 ml per liter during weeks 2 through 4 of the bloom phase.

Attention:  Big Bud is completely compatible with all pH perfect and non-pH perfect base nutrients along with competitor's base nutrients and supplements.

Guaranteed Analysis

Soluble Potash (K20) = 1.00%

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