LED Grow Light 100W COB Full Plant Spectrum Square Panel

Ideal for strong flowering and vegetative growth. Includes an easy wire hang kit for mounting in a convenient grow space. Perfect for peppers, tomatoes, house plants, flowers and other greens. The powerful, yet compact full spectrum LED grow light, which effectively reaches the most consumed light waves for full plant development and light absorption. The LED COB (circuit on board) chip contains a 32 micro LED array for high par output to evenly penetrate the canopy. The wider 90-degree light angle ensures even light coverage to minimize hot spots. The single brush-less motor driven fan provides maximum air flow and are virtually silent. The air-cooled aluminum circuit board and sunflower type heat sink optimizes heat dissipation to enhance LED light energy output & PAR performance. Highly recommended for all kinds of indoor growing such as greenhouse cultivation, indoor gardening, flower farming, and vegetable production.

Product Specs

Housing Color:  White

Dimensions:  7" x 7" x 3.29"

Cooling Fans:  1

Power Cord:  6' Length

Beam Angle:  90 degree

Actual power:  100 watt

Power draw:  46 watt

Current:  0.4 amps  

Input voltage:  120 volts

Frequency:  50-60 hz

Lifespan:  50,000 hours

Weight:  4.4 lbs

Certificates:  CE/FCC/RoHS/CSA

Warranty:  2 years

LED COB Spectrum

  • 10pcs  640nm
  • 12pcs  660nm
  • 3pcs   470nm
  • 3pcs   440nm
  • 2pcs   610nm
  • 1pcs   525nm
  • 1pcs   730nm

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