Octopot Self Watering 6 Gallon Hydro Wick System | Set of 6

Octopot’s revolutionary dual root zone design grows big plants fast with less effort and less inputs.  Plants get optimum amounts of water, nutrients and oxygen continuously throughout all stages of plant growth.  Octopots are low consumption, low maintenance and low risk – save time and money.   Octopots are a clean closed hydro wick system that wastes no water and does not require any pumps or electricity.  Water level guage takes the guess work out of knowing how full your reservoir is.  Start from seed, clone or rooted plant and grow anywhere indoors and outdoors with no worries.  Octopots water and feed plants for up to 10+ days giving growers the freedom to leave without relying on others to care for their plants.  Set of 6 Octopots can be ran independently or manifolded together to share a single reservoir.  Set does not include additional reservoir or manifold kit. Great for any grower who wants to try Hydro-Organic growing for the first time. Simple and effective providing Maximum Yields !

Product Specs

Housing Color:  Black

Base Dimensions:  18" x 18" x 6"

Reservoir Size:  6 Gallon

Material:  HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

Grow Sleeve Dimensions:  10.5" Diameter, 20" Height

Grow Sleeve Material:  UV Protected Woven polyethylene fabric

Weight:  3 lbs each

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