Agrowtek AgrowTouch Color Touch Screen for GC-Pro

Agrowtek AgrowTouch Color Touch Screen AT-PRO & AT-XL

Add bright, colorful display of sensor readings and quickly access control settings and manual overrides to GC-Pro and GC-ProXL controllers with Agrowtek's AgrowTouch screens. Without a touch screen, controllers are configured by software. Screen installs into front panel of controller by removing knock-out panel.

Get instant access to:

  •  Manual overrides for all outputs and inputs
  • Manually turn system on or off
  • Full control of all settings
  • Visual trend graph for all sensor readings
  • Alarm history for the last 10 alarms

    Also includes:

    • Administrator and user lock-out and password protection
    • Screen saver which turns off back light after 30 minutes
    • 3 different display modes: numerical display, bar graph display and meter gage display

    Product Specs

    Display Size:  4"

    Colors:  256 Color screen

    Fits:  GC-Pro or GC-Plus

    Warranty:  2 Years

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