Agrowtek Grow Control Hydro Sensor Kit w/ Probes (pH/EC/Temp)

Agrowtek GrowControl Hydro Sensor Kit w/ Probes SNS-H

GrowControl Hydroponics sensor kit includes pH, electrical conductivity and temperature sensors for monitoring nutrient reservoirs and operating dosing pumps for automatic nutrient and pH control with (optional dosing pump). GC-Pro & GC-ProXL dose up to eight parts nutrients and two parts pH per kit for re-circulating and drain-to-waste systems. Noise-proof transmitter can be mounted up to 2000 feet away from the controller.


Agrowtek Grow Controler Transmiter Manual

Product Specs

PH Range:  0-14

Cable Length:  15ft 

Length of Probe Leads:  36in

Ec Range:  0-5000uS/cm2

Temperature Range:  - 45 - 155 °F

Warranty:  1 Year (Made In USA)

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