Agrowtek GrowControl Wind Sensor Kit w/ Weather Transmitter

Agrowtek GrowControl Wind Sensor Kit with Weather Transmitter SNS-W

GrowControlTM precision weather station with wind anemometer and direction vane precisely monitors air temperature, light level, wind speed and direction.

Weather Sensor
The weather sensor is made of weather-proof stainless steel and contains a temperature and light sensor. A small fan ensures air is constantly flowing over the temperature sensor for the most accurate readings. The wind vane and speed anemometer are connected to terminal blocks inside the weather sensor. The weather sensor is then connected to a GrowControl controller to display the readings and control equipment. Designed to pole-mounted on standard EMT conduit.

Wind Speed Anemometer
Extremely rugged for harsh conditions and sensitive to the slightest breeze. Simple two-wire connection to transmitter.

Wind Direction Vane
Wind vane uses German Hall effect sensor for precision and durability. Many potentiometer type wind vanes have a dead spot of several degrees, friction from the sensor and a defined life span. Agrowtek's wind vanes have zero dead band, are near-zero friction and have a theoretical infinite life.

Agrowtek Grow Controller Transmitter Manual

Product Specs

Included Cable:  25ft (outdoor rated)

Wind Range:  0 - 125mph

Light:  0 - 1000 W/m2

Wind Direction:  0 - 360 Degrees

Warranty:  2 Years (made is USA)

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