Advanced Nutrients BaddAss Blower Fan, 8"

Advanced Nutrients BaddAss Blower Fan, 8"

Your BaddAss Blower gives you superior velocity and more cubic feet of air movement than any other blower in its class... while under normal operating conditions providing up to 40% better efficiency with more CFM. Your BaddAss Blower has been precisely crafted and hand-balanced for flawless operation and lifelong reliability.

The performance you get when you open the box and plug it in is the exact performance you'll get year after year. When you turn on your BaddAss Blower, the speed dial puts you in complete control at all times where air movement is critical to ensuring a quality harvest.

When you install your BaddAss Blower, you'll find that it can be conveniently positioned any way you like. Thanks to the compact design, it also fits where many inline blowers cannot. Because of the simple yet brilliantly effective Swedish engineering and manufacturing, you'll never have to worry about rusting... or... compromising performance in damp or humid environments while running impressively quiet.

Input Voltage:   115

Amperage:  1.85

Frequency:  60 Hz

RPM:  2500

Conditions:  Indoor (IP44)

Weight: 11 lbs

CFM: 630

Warranty:  6 Months

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