Bloomerang 1000 Watt Digital Grow Light Ballast Lux Edition 120/240V

The Bloomerang 1000watt LUX Edition Electronic Ballast works with metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps to achieve superior, long-lasting performance in HID lighting systems. Its microprocessor-driven operation automatically adjusts to a connected lamp's specifications, optimizing lumen output and efficiency over the entire lifespan of the lamp. Variable wattage settings customize output to a wide range of growing applications.

400w, 600w, 1000w, and 1100w selectable watt outputs can power many different lamp/bulb wattage types.

Easy 120/240VAC compatibility and includes 120VAC USA Style Power Plug.  For 240 volt operation just switch the appropriate 240VAC power plug to adapt to ballast and your existing wall plug.

For greater reliability in any setup, an integrated digital fan keeps ballast components running cool while overload protection and soft start lamp technologies safeguard equipment.

Circuit Safeguard feature is the 5 second delay lamp ignition.  Enhancing circuit safety and controlling voltage drops, while other brand ballasts are powering up immediately which causes a large voltage draw.  These large immediate voltage draws can damage your valuable electronics or lessen the life expectancy over time. The Bloomerang 1000watt LUX Edition Ballast will begin to power up 5 seconds after all other electronics have already began to draw electrical power / voltage.  This Safeguard measure makes the Bloomerang 1000watt LUX Edition a step ahead other cheap ballasts offered online.

Bloomerang  1000watt  LUX  EDITION  Enhanced Features:

  • Soft Start Lamp Technology
  • 5 Second Delay Ballast & Lamp Ignition
  • 400, 600, 1000, & 1120 LUX Boost Selectable Wattage Output
  • 60khz output to lamp
  • RF Shielded
  • Digital Fan Cooling
  • Dual Voltage Compatible 120v or 240v
  • Includes 8’ 120V AC Power Cord
  • UL / CE Listed

Includes a three-year warranty.

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