Bloomerang® 400W HPS, Radiant Red, Grow Lamp

Bloomerang Radiant Red Spectrum High Pressure Sodium Bulbs are going to make sure you see your plants reach their full potential during the flowering stage. With enhanced reds, yellows, and oranges, the Bloomerang growing gurus found the ideal spectrum to ensure full blooms and plentiful harvests.

Bloomerang Radiant Red High Pressure Sodium bulbs last up to 30,000 hours under normal operating conditions and come with a protective sock cover to help you avoid contact with the bulb. But to help ease your mind, we’re backing these bulbs with a one year warranty against defects.

While you’ll find all Bloomerang products work best with their Bloomerang amigos, our bulbs can operate with any standard E39 sockets and reflectors.

With an output of 50,000 lumens, a 2000K color temperature, and a high-efficiency striking design, Bloomerang High Pressure Sodium Bulbs provide the consistently productive results the indoor grower is looking for.

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