Bluelab Dosetronic® Peridoser Kit | Special Order Only

The simple solution for automatic feeding systems - perfect for commercial or large scale hydroponic growers!

Optimize crop performance by providing consistent and accurate management of the feed system by using the Bluelab Dosetronic Peridoser Kit. It's the easy way to control your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year, so you can focus on tending to your plants.

Simply program the controller with the conductivity and pH values that you want your system to run at and tailor the dosing intervals to suit the size of your mixing tank and dilution of your stock solution. You can also choose to control either the nutrient solution temperature, or the air temperature.

This kit contains the reliable Bluelab Triple Peridoser, built tough and strong for ongoing performance. The Peridoser manages the dosing of two part nutrient solution (A & B) and either pH up or down. The Dosetronic will then take care of the hard work for you.

The Dosetronic has proven itself in the hydroponic market worldwide for over 20 years and has earned itself an international reputation for excellence.

The innovative design of the Dosetronic means you can choose to control either the nutrient solution temperature, or the air temperature, depending on which is more critical to your growing environment.

All you do is select the heating or cooling equipment required to control the temperature of the air or solution, program in the temperature settings you require, and plug the equipment into the controller. You then place the temperature probe (supplied with the Dosetronic) where control is required.

The Dosetronic can be used for a wide range of applications including Hydroponics, Horticulture, Agriculture, Floriculture and Aquaculture and is ideally suited for re-circulating hydroponic NFT systems.

The Dosetronic provides continuous control of conductivity and pH levels of a solution by adding fertiliser and pH corrector into your mixing tank via peristaltic pumps or solenoids.

By using high performance conductivity and pH probes, the Dosetronic will intelligently control the strength of your re-circulating solution to a high level of accuracy. When it detects that the conductivity or pH levels have fallen outside of your pre-programmed set points, the Dosetronic will automatically trigger the dosing of more nutrient or pH corrector until those levels have stabilised.

Clean & calibrate meters every 30 uses or 30 days for best results. A 7 & 4 will appear on the screen of the combo meters to indicate it is properly calibrated--when it goes away, it is time to calibrate. A check mark will appear on the screen of all other meters to indicate it is properly calibrated--when it goes away, it is time to calibrate. Calibration process has been made uniform across entire product line as of 2 years ago. Calibration instructions are printed on the back of each meter. Always calibrate at 7.0 first, then 4.

Do not use RO water to test meters–-there are no dissolved solids to read.

Hydroponic and soil gardens differ in the fact they both need different pH ranges for nutrients to be made available for plant absorption. Maintain a pH between 5.0 and 6.5 for hydroponic gardens and 6.0 to 7.0 for soil applications.

For commercial or large scale hydroponic growers


  • Simple, friendly user interface
  • Optional control functions - you can control one, two or all three parameters (pH, conductivity and temperature)
  • Individual High and Low alarm functions
  • Large easy to read displays with adjustable display brightness
  • All probes are removable / replaceable
  • Calibration Quality indicator for pH probe
  • Selectable values for conductivity and temperature
  • Selectable internal lockouts. E.g. Temperature high alarm can prevent nutrient dosing
  • Provision for External lockouts (both Normally Closed and Normally Open contact) E.g. a water flow switch can prevent all dosing action
  • Automatic safety lockouts built in, E.g. Prevents dosing of pH and nutrient solution if a fault is detected
  • 2 year guarantee for Bluelab Dosetronic Controller
  • 1 year guarantee for Bluelab Triple Peridoser
  • 6 month guarantee for Bluelab Dosetronic pH Probe

    Probe Tips:

    • All probes are interchangeable between all Bluelab products
    • All probes carry a 6 month warranty
    • Proper hydration of ph probes is vital to maintain wick
    • All PH probes eventually need to be replaced—they can only house so much reference solution
    • KCl storage solution is required for optimum probe maintenance
    • RO water will reduce probe life


    Bluelab Dosetronic® Peridoser Kit - Manual

    Bluelab Dosetronic® - Instructions

    Bluelab Dosetronic® Peridoser - Diagram


    Weight (lb.):  37.5

    Width (in.):  25.2

    Height (in.):  17.3

    Length (in.):  13.4

    Warranty(in.):   2 Year

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