Bluelab® pH 4.0 Solution, 250 mL

Bluelab® pH 4.0 Calibration Solution

The Bluelab calibration and conductivity standard solutions are essential for use with all Bluelab 
products for the calibration of pH and testing the cleanliness of the Bluelab Conductivity/Temperature probe.

Bluelab solutions are manufactured specifically for Bluelab products and are referenced to high laboratory standards to ensure your Bluelab products last longer and maintain accuracy.

Bluelab's EC/CF equipment does not need calibrating as they are all factory calibrated here at Bluelab. The CF27.7 (EC2.77) solution is used as a reference or checking solution to ensure you have adequately cleaned the EC/CF probe.

Contamination between solutions can easily occur, which will affect the validity of the calibration. Bluelab recommend that the solutions are de-cantered into a smaller vessel and the contents discarded when the calibration process has been completed.

To ensure solutions remain accurate:

  • Avoid cross-contamination
  • Decanter into a smaller plastic cup
  • Discard sample after use
  • Store in a cool dark place
  • Store with lid secured tightly
  • Keep out of reach of children

Bluelab® pH 4.0 Calibration Solution Data Sheet

Weight (lb.): 0.45

Length (in.): 2.1

Width (in.): 2

Height (in.):  5.6

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