Bluelab Truncheon® Nutrient Meter

Bluelab Truncheon® Meter

With its super tough, high quality, fully waterproof design, no calibration required, daylight readable blue LED's and no on/off buttons to worry about, the Bluelab Truncheon® Nutrient Meter has proven itself as the world's favorite nutrient meter. It is powered by three standard AA batteries. EC (0.2 - 3.6), CF (2 - 36) and ppm scales (TDS and 700 scale). Fully waterproof design. No calibration required. Auto sense on and off. No external switches or adjustable buttons.

Meter length: 40.7 cm or 16-1/32 in.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Auto on/off function
  • No calibration required
  • Daylight readable blue LED’s
  • Battery operated – 3 x AA batteries included
  • No buttons, switches or knobs
  • Provided with EC, CF, ppm 700 and ppm 500 scales

    Bluelab Truncheon® Meter Instructions Manual

    Bluelab Truncheon® Meter Data Sheet

    Bluelab Commercial Truncheon - Probe Care


    Weight (lb.): 1

    Height (in.): 1.5

    Length (in.): 16.4

    Width (in.): 1.5

    Warranty(in.):  5 Year

    Measurement Range:  0.2 – 3.6 EC, 2 – 36 CF

    Resolution:  0.1 EC, 1 CF

    Accuracy:  ± 0.1 EC, ± 1 CF

    Automatic Temperature Compensation:  Yes

    Operating Environment:  32 – 122 ̊F

    Calibration:  Not required

    Certifications:  CE and FCC

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