Botanicare® KIND® Base, 55 gal | Special Order Only

Botanicare® Kind® Base 4 - 0 - 0

Botanicare® KIND Base (4-0-0 + 5% Calcium) uniquely contains calcium without trace minerals, magnesium or sulfur. Because all of the trace minerals exist in the KIND Grow and Bloom formulas, growers can effortlessly customize their calcium and nitrogen levels without affecting the balance of these essential elements. This revolutionary formula is designed to allow for maximum versatility throughout the grow cycle. When using coco coir or reverse osmosis water, simply increase the amount of Base to increase calcium levels. When using clay pebbles or rockwool, or with hard water where less calcium is needed, reduce the amount of Base used. Manipulating the level of KIND Base precisely controls the levels of both calcium and nitrogen to meet specific needs.

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