CIRRUS LED Reflex UVB Bar Light, 4'

CIRRUS LED Reflex UVB Bar Light

The 4-foot CIRRUS LED Reflex UVB Bar Light is the only LED grow light designed specifically to be used with HPS and LED grow lights. Engineered to complete the spectrum of heavy red HPS and LED grow lights, the UVB Bar Light promotes a significant increase in resin production for the most potent flowers possible. UL-listed for commercial and hobby growing, this bar light incorporates 56 LEDs with a life rating of 15,000 hours. Includes a daisy chain cord.

Cirrus 4' Light Bar Tech Specs

Product Specs

Power Draw:  65 watts

Current Draw:  .541 amps @ 120vac

LED Chip Wattage:  3 watts

Led Light Angle:  120°

Frequency:  50 - 60hz

Input Voltage:  100vac - 277vac

Spectrum:  UV - B and UV - A

Safety Ratings:  UL listed

IP Rating:  IP 67

Lifespan:  15,000 hrs

Dimensions:  48" x 3" x 3.5"

Weight: 9.0 lbs

Warranty:  5 Years

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