Claber Idris Auto-Watering Kit
This Italian-made watering system keeps your plants healthy, eliminating your daily watering routine. Ideal for people who love plants and for those who travel. With 67-ounce capacity tank and 4 color-coded drippers waters a large size plant (10-inch pots or bigger) up to 20 days. Idris Kit irrigates directly into the plant roots, avoiding evaporation, with one of the following daily water releases: 3.4-ounce up to 20 days, 5.1-ounce up to 13 days, 6.8-ounce up to 10 days or 10.1-ounce up to 6 days. This non-clogging system has an adjustable tripod for perfect stability, even with a full tank. Equipped with a built-in funnel for easy refilling and a graduated scale to read water level. Unit is 100% quality controlled during manufacturing process. 2-Year warranty.

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