DAB E.SYTWIN Station NPT for E.SYBOX Only | Special Order Only


The DAB E.SYTWIN is a compact docking station that allows the user to easily connect two E.SYBOX’s systems side by side. This docking station is fully integrated with in and out pipework connections and is easy to dock and undock. Ideal for systems where either larger flow or where a stand-by pump is required. Not compatible with the E.sybox Mini. E.SYBOX not included. E.SYTWIN is used to be able to mount 2 Qty E.SYBOX's side by side for systems where either a larger flow or a where stand-by pump is required. The suction and discharge 1" ¼ NPT connection can be made at either side of the dock or on the same side to make piping up the dock as easy as possible.


  • Increasing capacity
  • Increasing the reliability
  • Wireless communication


  • Protection against dry running ( Auto & manual reset options)
  • Antifreeze protection
  • Motor overload protection
  • Protection against abnormal supply voltages
  • Protection against excessive temperatures


  • The E.SYTWIN provides a robust docking station for twin E.SYBOX pumps with integrated inlet and outlet pipework connections.
  • Mounted securely on a base plate platform.
  • The E.SYTWIN offers a twin pump booster set with duty assist and duty standby capabilities.
  • The pumps can be docked and undocked easily in a few seconds.
  • E.sytwin is the evolution of e.sydock, of which maintains all the benefits, for the creation of two groups of pumps.  A better, longer life.
  • E.sytwin ensures constant water supply to housing thanks to the BACKUP function.  
  • E.sytwin offers exceptional performance thanks to possibility of combined operation with a reduced size of 50% compared to any other equivalent traditional system.
  • The wireless interface handles the communication between the two unit, e.sydock ensures the hydraulic connection.
  • E.sytwin does not need any other additional components for its installation and operation.
  • Designed specifically to enhance and simplify installation and operation of the e.sybox pump; the DAB e.sytwin comprises of a full twin pump robust docking station with integrated in & out pipework connections.
  • The E.SYBOX's can comunicate with each other without a cable, by means of wireless Communications of up to 4 E.SYBOX's that can talk to each other to allow for easy set-up and duty rotation.
  • The whole pump is mounted in a sound-proof closed ABS housing.
  • Thanks to the inverter and synchronous motor e.sybox there will be a huge energy saving with no pressure surges and less stress on pipes & fittings.

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      DAB E.SYTWIN Station - Technical Data

      Weight (lb.):  26.0

      Length (in.):  29.0

      Width (in.):  13.0

      Height (in.):  10.0

      Voltage:  220-240 V

      Frequency:  50/60 Hz

      Amps:  2x 11 amp

      Watts:  2x 1550 watts

      Protection class:  IP44

      Working pressure:  8 Bar

      Maximum Flow:  200 Litres/Minute

      Maximum Head:  60 Metres 

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