Earth Juice® Hi-Brix Grow (Part A), 5 gal

Based on Hi-Brix™ "Molasses for Plants," the Earth Juice® Hi-Brix 2-Part Nutrient System (3-0-2.5) only requires two bottles to meet the full demands of any plant and all phases of plant development. Simply by following the labels' easy-to-understand instructions on mixing Hi-Brix Grow (A) and Hi-Brix Bloom (B), anyone can easily grow and maintain even the most aggressive foliage and flowering plants. Parts A and B are used together through all phases of plant development. Being sugarcane-molasses-based, the Hi-Brix 2-Part Nutrient System is all that’s needed to achieve sweet results. Use this system for indoor and outdoor plants, soil and hydroponics.

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