Eclipse Equipment 315W CMH Grow Light System + Philips Elite Agro Bulb

Eclipse Equipment 315W CMH Grow Light System Bundle

The 315W CMH grow light system offers an excellent full spectrum light source, widening the beneficial amounts of UV and red spectrums wavelengths driving growth to your plants.

Featuring the  highly efficient Philips 315 watt Master Green Power Elite Agro CMH 3100K Bulb suitable for both vegetative and flowering growth, as well as high UV output production.  Think of this lamp as Sunlight in a bulb.

The fixture is suited with 98% reflective German aluminum, tested for uniformity and diffusion.  Delivering various benefits over conventional HID systems, including reduced heat output, and reduced energy consumption.

Designed for horticulture and agriculture use.  Genuine low frequency square wave components.  


  • CMH Light Reflector system with built in Ballast
  • Philips 3100K Full Spectrum Bulb
  • Reflector Hanger Kit
  • 6ft Heavy Duty U.S. Power Cord
  • 120V Standard ( 240V Optional )
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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