GROJI® Black Plastic Hydroponic Grow Bucket, 5 gallon

GROJI® Black Plastic Hydroponic Grow Bucket, 5 gallon

GROJI® 5 Gallon Black Plastic Hydroponic Grow Bucket

  • Food Safe Agricultural Use manufactured Buckets using only Virgin PP Material which will NOT allow plastic chemical leaching into your water fed to plants over time. 

  • NOTE TO GROWERS:  Recycled Plastic Buckets WILL leach chemicals and be absorbed through your plant's root system....GROJI® Buckets WILL NOT degrade or allow chemical leaching to occur.

  • Wet Marker Erasable Buckets allow you to write notes, comments, plant types and mark ideal water levels on each bucket in the white or yellow graphics.  Simply write and erase using a Wet Erasable Marker.  Works great for tracking growth and staying organized as you grow.

  • Three Emoji Faces wrapped around the bucket to show different expressions about how your feeling about your plant each day !  Rotate bucket and write comments on the chat bubble....  Make your seasons Growing Fun with GROJI® !!!

* Net Pot Bucket Lids Sold Separately

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