EYE HORTILUX® PowerVEG Tube T5, 2', 660 | Case of 24

Eye PowerVEG T5 HO 660 Fluorescent Lamp

The name “660” references the area of the spectrum produced by this lamp.This lamp is a true flowering lamp, it maximizes the flowering process.The 660 wavelength is essential for triggering fruiting and flowering.When combined with the 633 and FS+UV, the red light spectrum widens to enhance the flowering stage.

PowerVEG T5 tubes promote structurally sound plants ready for transition to HID where bigger and better yields and greater overall production will be seen.PowerVEG Tube T5 660 provides a nanometer-specific red light spectrum to trigger the flowering stage and enhance fruiting in plants.

  • Ideal lights for starting seeds, overwintering plants and supplementing light in your garden.
  • Great for reducing grow room temperatures
  • Low wattage high output for your garden
  • Light cycle extension to induce flowering of long-day plants
  • Night interruption to prevent flowering of short day plants
  • Spectrum Combinations for your plants

The PowerVEG 660 is one of five available colors designed to help you grow bigger and better plants. The PowerVEG 660 is one of two red spectrallyfocused lamps designed for fruiting and flowering. These lamps can also be combined with HORTILUX's 420, 460, 633 and the FS+UV to create a custom light spectrum for a start-to -finish combination.


The 660 can be used in any existing T5, 54 watt, HO (high output) lighting fixture. Combine the 660 with other PowerVEG T5's for maximum results. See Eye Hortilux's suggested formulas for VEG, FLOWER and START-to-FINISH.

    Weight (lb.): 0.1

    Length (in.): 22.5

    Width (in.): 1

    Height (in.): 1

    Warranty: 1 Year

    Exact Watts: 24 Watts

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