EZ-CLONE® Classic, 32 Site

EZ-CLONE® Classic, 32 Site

EZ-CLONE designers have made over 75 structural, technical and aesthetic improvements to their original aeroponic cloning system, producing the EZ-CLONE Classic. Rooting is fast and simple with this system, which features a customized manifold with misters supplied by the included water pump for high-flow-rate irrigation. Neoprene collars provide superior support for seedlings and cuttings. The EZ-CLONE Classic is easy to assemble and maintain, with a special recessed drain that allows easy drainage by tipping the unit and a leak-resistant cord outlet that accommodates multiple cords.

  • Once your plants have rooted, transplant the clones into any desired grow substrate.
  • Easy to assemble, the EZ-Clone features a leak resistant cord outlet that allows multiple cords and a redesigned, recessed drain system, ensuring the cloner's protection while draining the unit.
  • For best results, use with fluorescent lighting fixtures eight to twelve inches above cloning system.

Volume (cf) :2.098

Weight (lb.) :10.0

Length (in.) :14.5

Width (in.) :9.75

Height (in.) :24

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