Gavita Pro 270e LEP Grow US (41.02 emitter)

Gavita Pro 270e LEP

The Gavita Pro 270e LEP utilizes a new emitter design that allows for a more compact fixture design, making it lighter and smaller than the Pro 300 LEP model. The Pro 270e LEP is equipped with a Master Controller input to be able to switch the fixture on and off together with your HPS e-series fixtures. Unlike the Pro Line and DigiStar e-series ballasts does not dim: When autodim occurs due to a high temperature the LEP will stay at 100%, because it does not emit so much heat to your crop (4% compared to the >60% by HPS). This is an advantage when high temperatures force the controller to dim your lighting: though your crop will get less light, the quality of your light actually improves. You can also use this feature to dim your HPS lights in veg while maintaining full plasma light output, improving the spectrum for the vegetative crop. Suitable for 120 - 240 Volt. Supplied with 240 V 8 ft cord with NEMA 6-15 plug, 120 V Nema 5-15 available separately.


Product Specs

Lighting Type:  LEP

Dimensions:  22.8"L x 10.6"W x 7.5"H

Certificates:  FCC/UL

Input Voltage +/- 10%:  100-240V AC

Bulb(s) Included:  YES

AMPS:  1.5-3.0 AMP Typical

Watts:  270W

Frequency:  50/60 Hz

Lamp Life:  30,000 hr (full spectrum) 50,000 hr (supplemental spectrum)

Power Cord:  8' 240 V with NEMA 6-15 plug,

Warranty:  3 Years on Fixture - 1 Year on Lamp

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