Gavita Pro Classic 1000 DE Complete Fixture, 240 Volt

Gavita Pro Classic Line 1000 DE Complete Fixture 240 Volt

Professional 1000 watt high frequency electronic ballast. Including high efficiency Miro aluminum horticultural HortiStar HR96 reflector (95% efficiency). Includes Gavita Pro Plus 1000 W EL DE HPS E40 Lamp. Microprocessor controlled with electronic safety circuit.

Gavita ballasts are completely sealed and passively cooled through the extrusion aluminum ballast housing. Our housings provide optimized thermal management, which keeps the electronics much cooler than in die-cast housings. Good thermal management is extremely important for the lifetime and reliability of the electronics.

Only suitable for use with 1000 watt double ended EL HPS lamps: No acoustic resonance, more than 10% grow light compared to traditional lamps and light maintenance after 5000 hours >95%.

Electronics by Gavita. Driver efficiency >95% and is adjustable to: 600/660/750/825/1150W.

With the output dial you can select an output power between 600 and 1150W, adjusting your light to changing circumstances or grow phases. Do remember though that every new lamp needs to burn in at 100% for at least 100 hours to stabilize before you dim or boost it. Failing to do so can lead to start-up problems when lower output power is selected and decreased output.

Electronics are very sensitive to moist. Therefore Gavita ballasts are completely sealed and equipped with a ventilation plug. When the ballast is switched on and heats up, the air inside the ballast expands and is vented out through the ventilation plug to protect the seals. When the ballast is switched off and the air inside the ballast cools down, the Gore-tex ventilation plug only lets in the air, and keeps out the dust and moisture, safeguarding your sensitive electronics.


Lighting Type:  Double-Ended (DE) HPS

Dimensions:  22.3"L x 9.5"W x 13.4"H

Weight:  10.6 lbs

Certificates:  FCC Class B Compliant

Input Voltage:  240 Volts

Lamp Included:  Gavita Pro Plus 1000 W EL DE HPS E40 

Ballast Watts:  Adjustable 600/660/750/825/1000/1150W

Frequency:  50/60 Hz

Max AMPS:  5.2 @ 1150W Setting

Soft Start:  Yes

Soft Dim:  Yes

Power Cord:  8'

Warranty:  3 Year Fixture / 1 Year Lamp

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