GuardenWare Nylon Storage Bags, 18'' x 20'' | Pack of 100
GuardenWare Nylon Storage Bags

Versatile GuardenWare Nylon Storage Bags have countless uses in the kitchen and beyond. These eco-friendly recyclable bags preserve moisture, flavors and aromas—perfect for storing harvests fresh from the garden. Contents can also be cooked directly in the bag up to a temperature of 400F, or frozen down to -100F. Made of BPA-free, FDA-approved 1-mil nylon, these durable bags resist tears, punctures and odor transfer. Nylon Storage Bags come in handy for a wide range of horticultural tasks from germination to pollination. Slip the bags over buds and flowers to protect from frost for late season harvests. The bags can also be cut to size as needed.

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