Ideal-Air™ HVAC Vacuum Pump 1/2 HP, 7 cfm
Ideal-Air HVAC 7 CFM Vacuum Pump

High quality 7 CFM vacuum pump in a compact size. Ideal for all HVAC pump-down needs. Comes with pump oil, check valve and multi hose attachment port. Quickly pull a vacuum with 7 cubic feet per minute vacuum rate. 1/2 HP motor. 3.2 Amps/380 watts/115V/Single phase.

Brand: Ideal Air

UPC: 847127006078

Volume (cf): 0.5924

Dim Weight (in3/lb): 5.2770

UL Listed: No

Weight (lb.): 23.5

Length (in.): 14.0

Width (in.): 6.5

Height (in.):  11.25

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