Ideal-Air™ ReFlex™ Line Set 1/4" x 5/8" x 15' Insulated with Interconnecting Wire
Ideal-Air™ ReFlex™ Line Set

ReFlex™ line sets are used to simplify installation of HVAC split system equipment. By connecting the indoor evaporator along with the outdoor condensing unit, this system allows an easy installation with out the headache of kinking copper tubing and saves on install time and labor. The ReFlex™ line set comes pre-wired, pre-insulated and also comes with flare fitting on both ends, with an ETL listing for 800 PSI pressure test.

Brand: Ideal Air

UPC: 849969015799

UL Listed: No

Warranty: 1 Year

Weight (lb.): 15.0

Length (in.): 14.6

Width (in.): 36.0

Height (in.):  4.0

Product Weight (lb.): 15.00

Product Length (in): 36.00

Product Width (in): 14.00

Product Height (in): 4.00

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