LED Grow Light 45W Full Spectrum Plant Starter Panel

Perfect for seed starting, cloning and vegetative growth.  Includes an easy wire hang kit or you can flush mount install it under your kitchen cabinets with the 4 corner mounting holes.  Produce fresh herbs and micro-greens fresh direct from kitchen to plate!  This light weight LED Grow Light packs a powerful punch of light energy using a full spectrum ratio of 2.25:1 Red to Blue.  The wider light angle ensures light coverage to be more uniform over the canopy.  High-end concentrating aluminum cup kit, ensures better light reflection, while reducing heat concentration. 95% of LED light emitted can be absorbed by plants due to the red and blue color spectrum creating a high light energy output for optimum plant photosynthesis to occur while only drawing 25.2 watts of power. Save up to 70% power consumption over traditional fluorescent lamps due to LED light efficiency. Vegetative LED Grow Light Panels are widely used in greenhouses, micro-greens farming, flower production, indoor gardens, seed starting and cloning.

Product Specs

Housing Color:  Silver

Dimensions:  11.7" x 11.7" x .6"

Power Cord:  6' Length

Red LEDS:  117pcs

Blue LEDS:  52pcs

LED Ratio:  Red / Blue | 2.25 to 1

Beam Angle:  90 degrees

Actual power:  45 watt

Power draw:  25.2 watt

Current:  0.21 amps

Input voltage:  120v

Frequency:  50-60hz

Lifespan:  50,000 hours

Weight:  2.1 lbs

Warranty:  2 years

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