LED Grow Light 54W Full Spectrum 5500K White Light Bar, 2ft

Perfect for seed starting, micro-greens and growing from start to finish.  Used by many growers for side lighting, providing extra light energy to lower areas of plants where top lighting cannot penetrate .  Side lighting will also boost your plants overall health by increasing foliage and flower production. The powerful 54W LED light bar has a 4-band spectrum to achieve full plant development and light absorption. The large 45 millimeter 3W Epi-Star LED chips produce higher lumen and par output to get the most out of your plants. The wide beam 90-degree angle ensures even light coverage to minimize hot spots and spread light evenly over the canopy. IP 65 rated for water resistance, which makes the LED light bar suitable for commercial greenhouse applications.  An extruded aluminum channel is used for cooling to increase the LED's light energy output & life rating. Includes standard USA type 120vac 3 prong wall outlet plug, no wiring necessary. Highly recommended for all types of indoor growing such as greenhouse cultivation, vertical hydroponics farming, and vegetable production.

Includes a set of 180 degree adjustable hinged brackets for mounting in any grow space on any angle, both horizontal or vertical.  For hanging applications we also include a set of eye-hooks for using in your home or business over houseplants or vertical flower walls.  Thats right !  You get two different styles of mounting kits !

Product Specs

Housing Color:  Black

Dimensions:  21.5" x 1.25" x 1.25"

Power Cord:  6ft

LED Type:  White 5500K Full Spectrum

IP Rating: IP 65

Beam Angle:  90 degrees

Actual power:  54 watt

Power draw:  26 watt

Current:  0.23 amps

Input voltage:  120v

Frequency:  50-60hz

Lifespan:  50,000 hours

Weight:  2.2 lbs

Warranty:  1 year

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