Monterey Bug Buster-O Natural Pyrethrin Organic Insect Control OMRI Listed, 16 oz

Monterey Bug Buster-O

Bug Buster-O provides rapid knockdown and kill of listed plant pests. Can be used on the day of harvest on vegetables, fruit trees and ornamentals. Kills more than 100 listed insects. OMRI listed for organic gardening.

What is Bug Buster-O?
Bug Buster-O is a natural pyrethrin that is OMRI Listed and approved for organic production. The product is the exact same thing as Pyganic®, which is widely used in organic agriculture and horticulture. Bug Buster-O provides quick knockdown and kill of most insects.

What insects does Bug Buster-O control?
There are 150 insects on the label, such things as aphid, scale, caterpillar, colorado potato beetle, leafminer, stink bug, and whitefly.

What can Bug Buster-O be used on?
Almost every known fruit and vegetable is on the label, as well as flowers and ornamentals. It can be used up to the day of harvest.

What rate do I use?
Apply at 1-1.4 fluid oz per gallon of water. Apply before the plants are heavily infected.

Is Bug Buster-O organic?
Yes it's made from natural pyrethrins, can be used for organic gardening, and it is OMRI Listed.

What precautions should I use?
Bug Buster-O is toxic to bees and fish, so don't spray on water, and don't spray when bees are present. Don't allow people or pets to enter the treated area until the spray has dried.


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