Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect® Micro, 23L

NPK:  2 - 0 - 0  


Lush, Sturdy Growth From 3-Part Base Nutrients Designed Specifically For Your Plants

Using a high-quality micronutrient formula is your ticket to a rewarding garden. By combining Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect ® Micro with pH Perfect Grow and pH Perfect Bloom, you’re providing your plants what they need to give you a happier harvest day.

If you follow the label directions, pH Perfect ® Micro will keep the pH of your nutrient solution stable within a range optimal for nutrient uptake for one week. For optimal results, we recommend using reverse osmosis (RO) water or water up to approximately 100 ppm (EC 160 µS/cm). This product is specially designed for use with diverse hydroponic growing media, including peat, rockwool, and expanded clay pellets, and all continuous liquid-feed growing systems such as aeroponics, drip irrigation and emitters, NFT, flood and drain, and deep water culture. And since it also contains our proprietary pH Perfect ® Technology, eliminating the need for pH and ppm metering, pH Perfect Micro is an invaluable asset to your growroom.

Feed Chart

Hydroponics:  Use 4 ml per liter during all weeks of the grow phase. Use 2 ml per liter for small plants with 3 to 4 sets of leaves. Use 1 ml per liter for cuttings and seeds.

Attention:  This is a 3-part fertilizer. We recommend using pH perfect Grow , Micro and Bloom together.

Gauaranteed Analysis

Nitrogen (N) = 2.00%

Nitrate Nitrogen = 2.00%

Calcium (Ca) = 2.40%

Water Soluble Calcium (Ca) = 2.40%

Magnesium (Mg) = 0.10%

Water Soluble Magnesium (Mg) = 0.10%

Boron (B) = 0.02%

Iron (Fe) = 0.05%

Chelated Iron (Fe) = 0.05%

Manganese (MN) = 0.02%

Chelated Manganese (Mn) = 0.02%

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