Grow1 Hydroponics SCROG Kit, 19" x 25"

Adjustable SCROG Kit

We all could use a little support sometimes and plants are no different! Grow1 SCROG Kits are a sturdy and dependable way to keep those flowers reaching for the sky! Available in 21''x 21'' and 25''x 19'' these are the perfect sizes for a great start of support for your flowers. A perfect SCROG solution for hydroponic container systems to eliminate older support methods like plant yo-yo's or yarn techniques.  Save and mess by switching to the SCROG Kit by Grow1.  Adjust your SCROG height as your plants grow using the butterfly clips located below the SCROG screen.  When your plant is finished growing, then transistioning into bloom/fruiting you can tighten the set screws to lock SCROG in place for supporting weights up to 100lbs!  Each square measures 3'' x 3'' and fits in container sizes 5 gallon or larger.  Diameter of base support ring is 10.5".

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