Secret Jardin DARK PROPAGATOR 2.6 DP120, 47.2" x 23.6" x 47.2"

Secret Jardin DARK PROPAGATOR 2.6 DP120 

The Secret Jardin DARK PROPAGATOR 2.6 DP120 grow tent provides a space designed specifically for nurturing seedlings, clones and small plants. Lined with reflective Mylar, the DP120 incorporates a breathable wall to promote uniform temperature and humidity throughout the unit. The included shelving creates a perfect fit for LED or fluorescent lighting. DP120 includes StrapIT, HookIT and CableIT accessories.

Fits perfectly in a 4 ft wide space.


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Product Specs

Fabric:  Mylar 190T

Water Tray:  Mylar 190T

Cubic Feet:  30.4265 ft3

Dimensions:  47.2" Length x 23.6" Width x 47.2" Height

Windows:  N/A

Electrical Sock:  1 - 3" Diameter 

Intake Sock:  Permissive

Exhaust Sock:  1 - 8" Diameter

Light Exhaust Socks:  N/A

Pole Diameter:  5/8"

Light Proof:  Yes

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