Sprinkler & Soaker Outdoor Garden Hose, 20'

The Andrews Sprinkler and Soaker Hose, 70-12350, is soft and flexible, making it easy to contour around most landscapes. The holes are strategically placed so your lawn gets an even spray or thorough soaking. The Andrews sprinkler hose is ideal for use in vegetable and flower gardens, lawns, shrubs and more.
Andrews Sprinkler and Soaker Hose 70-12350 20' Green Sprinkler and Soaker Hose:
  • Sprinkler and soaker hose
  • Adjustable end clip
  • Holes face up for even, gentle spray or face down for thorough soaking
  • Soft and flexible hose makes it easy to use and contour
  • Ideal for flower beds, borders, vegetable gardens, walkways, lawns and shrubs
  • Green
  • Garden sprinkler hose measures 20'

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