Titan Controls® Kronus® 2, Temperature & Humidity Controller

Titan Controls® Kronus® 2 - Temperature & Humidity Plus CO2 Integration

Controls temperature, humidity and CO2 in your garden. Activates CO2 ON outlet only during daylight hours. Features programmable delay. Ten (10) minute CO2 delay feature allows maximum CO2 coverage with minimum CO2 waste or can be set for use with bottled CO2. Easy to understand and use with highlighted Grow Zones. 25 ft modular remote temperature and humidity sensor. Improves your yield by creating the perfect environment for your plants. 15 Amps maximum/120 Volts/60 Hz.

Titan Controls Kronus 2 Spec Sheet

Brand: Titan Controls

Weight (lb.): 4.55

Length (in.): 13.8

Width (in.): 10.5

Height (in.): 4.8

Warranty: 3 Year

UPC: 870883002657

UL Listed: No

Controller Functions: Multi-Function Control

Has Photocell: No

Amps: 15

Voltage: 120

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