TurboKlone T96 Klone Machine with Humidity Dome

TurboKlone T96 Klone Machine

The revolution continues with the even larger T96. All the great features you've come to love - but now in a larger system for ultimate growers.

The TurboKlone gives you a stronger, longer-lasting product thanks to its smart design and use of innovative technology. 


The fan system provides constant oxygen to the growing chamber and, most importantly, combats high temperatures by circulating cool air throughout the unit. 

The innovative fan system fits like a glove on the side of the reservoir—keeping the unit free from dangling parts and tangling cords like other systems on the market. 


While other cloning machines are designed with straight lines and angles that resemble storage containers and planter boxes, the TurboKlone has sleek, rounded edges and curved walls that give it greater strength and resilience from external and internal forces. 

And those curves aren't just for good looks! Its sleek, rounded design makes cleaning the 

TurboKlone a breeze! You don't have to worry about bacteria hanging around in tight corners. 


Why settle for less when you can have more. Klone sites that is! TurboKlone's T96 gives you 96 clone sites—60% more than other systems on the market. The best part? You get more sites without taking up more space!

  • Longer lasting, more durable Polyethylene Collars
  • Reservoir is stronger and easier to clean
  • Fan system provides constant oxygen and keeps temperatures optimal for rooting
  • More Klone sites in the same dimensional footprint as other systems on the market.
  • TurboKlones design helps decrease root damage from pests and disease so your plants can grow healthier.
  • The TurboKlone is your first step in successful plant propagation.
  • Combat's high temperatures that can kill roots all while keeping harmful bacteria at bay.
  • Available with or without the humidity dome.
  • Each Klone site has a finger recess that makes it easy to remove and replace Klone Collars
  • Built in water fill helps avoid spillage, and makes maintaining water levels a breeze.Longer lasting polyethylene klone collars which don't choke cuttings, and offer great anti-bacterial properties

TurboKlone Klone Machine - Quick Start Guide

TurboKlone Klone - Quick Start Guide

Weight (lb.):   20

Width (in.):   22

Height (in.):   9

Length (in.):   32

Warranty(in.):  1 Year

Voltage: 120V

Reservoir:  Custom ABS Plastic

Clone Capacity:  96

Cutting Medium:  Custom Polyethylene Collar (included)

Water Pump Grade:  450 gph

Optimal Water Temp:  65-75° F.

Optimal Amount of Water:  8.5-9 gallons

Optimal Water PH:  5.5-6.3

Recommended Lighting:  T8 or T5 Florescent or Natural

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