Advanced Nutrients WSP Sensi Bloom Pro A/B

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Advanced Nutrients

WSP Sensi Bloom Pro

Do the Salts You Use For Your Plants “Hit the Shift” Between the Grow and Bloom Phase?

WSP Sensi Pro Series includes Bags A + B (SET)


The only commercial crop formula specific water-soluble powders that Hit the Shift between the grow and bloom phase to improve potency, yields, and reputation.

Increase potency percentages and yield with the Sensi Professional Series.

Backed by 22 years of research-specific science, this recent Advanced Nutrients innovation is the only water-soluble powder line on the market that meets the exact phase-dependent nutritional needs of flowering crop.

In other words, it Hits the Shift between the grow phase and the bloom phase, enabling your crops to reach their true genetic potential.

• Precise ratios of macro, secondary, and micronutrients
tailored to each phase of plant development
• More readily available nutrients, backed by the strictest quality
control measures, for increased yield
and efficiency
• Three premium chelated forms of iron—EDTA, EDDHA, and DTPA—
provide a greater range of pH and significantly higher absorption rates
• A dry fertilizer formulation rich in cations, like
urea, to keep pH levels in the sweet spot
• 100% water-soluble formulation mixes easily and
dissolves completely, offering complete
compatibility with all fertigation and
drip emitters
• Designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern
commercial scale production, protecting your bottom
line while delivering Advanced Nutrients’
award-winning quality
• Made in the USA

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Bud maker!

Growing hydroponic and results are best I ever had.
AK47 and Bigbuds. Autos.