Apollo LED Grow Light POD 15-LED Repair Part

Apollo LED Grow Light POD 15-LED Repair Part

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Apollo LED POD 15-LED Part

Over the years Apollo LED has produced many different LED Grow Light Panels in different sizes and configuration using their standard drop in 15-LED POD with drop over Fish Eye Lenses.  Over time we have found these LED PODs can burn out or melt down.  We have also seen this to occur with the Fish Eye lenses.

Garden Supply Guys has never sold or distributed Apollo LED Grow Light Panels but are proud to offer the brand new direct drop in LED-15 POD replacements which can be replaced easily by anyone with the ability to open the Apollo LED.

Simply unplug the defective 15-LED POD and replace with the Brand New OEM Apollo 15-LED POD purchased from Garden Supply Guys and your set !  It's one of the easiest LED Repair jobs one can hope for.

The Apollo LED Repair POD fits most Apollo LED Models but please double check the connection and POD layout before ordering.

Garden Supply Guys offers no warranty or guarantee on repairs being made by the end user.



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  • Is the listed price per pod?

    That is correct.  The photos are to show stock, but are listed as single price per pod.
    Have a Wonderful Day,
    Jesse @ Team Garden Supply Guys

  • anyone have any instructions on how to take the Apollo 8 part in order to replace the light clusters?

    The Apollo 8 Fixture consists of the same screw head style throughout.

    Just begin removing the outer shell screws first and one by one you will open and make your way to the Light POD's to replace.

    We have done a couple of these repairs and its just time and alot of screw removal.

    Happy Repairing ! Jesse @ Team Garden Supply Guys

  • Do you sell single led bulbs to go on the apollo cluster. I already bot many replacement plates. The infrared light led single bulb keeps burning out. I just want to replace one bulb

    We sell the IR LED's for Apollo's in lots of 10x $17.95.
    Let me know if you would like to order.
    You can email us with your full contact info, shipping address, phone and your email you would like to receive a custom invoice email which you can "CLICK TO PAY" right at the bottom.

    Jesse @ Team Garden Supply Guys