DuraBreeze® Neoprene Duct Clamp 4" | Pack of 2

DuraBreeze® Neoprene Duct Clamp 4" | Pack of 2

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The soft lining of 4-inch DuraBreeze® Neoprene Duct Clamps ensures a tight fit and reduces vibration and noise in ventilation systems. Constructed of neoprene-lined aluminum.

Questions & Answers

  • What is the width of the 4" clamp?

    Hello Don,
    This style clamp is meant to adapt to 4" ducting hose or fittings generally used to hold connecting points securely together.  It is also used to hold ducting hose or carbon filters to 4" inline style fans.  The size is adjustable in width/diameter based on how much you tighten the clamp.

    If you would like to know more specifics let me know.  I can always take a maximum/minimum diameter range measurement for you on Monday if you would like.
    Have a great weekend !
    Garden Supply Guys