Feliz Blue Fluorescent 200 Watt, 6500K

Feliz Blue Fluorescent 200 Watt, 6500K

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Feliz Fluorescent Grow Lamps

Proven success in high humidity. Designed for horticulture. Compatible with digital timers. Fits standard mogul base socket. Self ballasted. Blue is a cool spectrum for vegetative growth. Not for use with Garden Brite® or Bright Wing® Fixtures.

Cool blue spectrum on the Feliz 200w fluorescent lamp is great for young plants that are seedlings, cuttings, propagation, or vegetative growth. These bulbs have a large socket and are self ballasted (no ballast needed--it's built into the light).

Our 200W CFL Grow Light Bulb is designed for the vegetative and growth stage of your plants. This is one of the highest wattage self-ballasted bulbs on the market today. The Feliz 901983 produces an amazing 10,000 lumens of light directly onto your plant. We recommend that you mount the this 200W grow light approximately 24-30 inches from the plant. 

Wattage: 200 Watt

Manufacturer: Feliz

Feliz Model: AGRO CFL 901983

Color: 6500K

Lamp Base: E39 Mogul

Type: 200W Compact Fluorescent

Measurements (inches): 13.50" Height x 4.50" Width

Recommended Mounting Height: 24-30 inches from plant

Lumens: 9,000

Incandescent Equivalent: 600 Watt

Life (hours): 10,000

Voltage: 120 Volt-60Hz 2500mA

CRI: 80

Shipping Weight: 3 lbs

Type: 8U Lamp

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