Feliz Blue Fluorescent 250 Watt, 6500K

Feliz Blue Fluorescent 250 Watt, 6500K

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Feliz Fluorescent Grow Lamps

Proven success in high humidity. Designed for horticulture. Compatible with digital timers. Fits standard mogul base socket. Self ballasted. Blue is a cool spectrum for vegetative growth. Not for use with Garden Brite® or Bright Wing® Fixtures.

Our 250W CFL Grow Light Bulb is designed for the vegetative and growth stage of your plants. This is one of the highest wattage self-ballasted lamps on the market today. It produces an amazing 12,000 lumens directly onto your plant. We recommend that you mount the this 250W lamp approximately 24-30 inches from the plant. 

Cool blue spectrum on the Feliz 250w fluorescent lamp is great for young plants that are seedlings, cuttings, propagation, or vegetative growth. These bulbs have a large socket and are self ballasted (no ballast needed--it's built into the light).

Wattage: 250 Watt

Manufacturer: Feliz

Feliz Model:  AGRO CFL 901984

Color: 6500K

Lamp Base: E39 Mogul

Type: 250W Compact Fluorescent

Measurements (inches): 13.50" Height x 4.50" Width

Recommended Mounting Height:  24-30 inches from plant

Lumens: 12,000

Incandescent Equivalent:  750 Watt

Life (hours): 10,000

Voltage: 120 Volt-60Hz 2500mA

CRI: 80

Type: 8U Lamp


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