General Hydroponics® FloraMicro® Hardwater, pt

General Hydroponics® FloraMicro® Hardwater, pt

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General Hydroponics® Flora Micro® Hardwater 5 - 0 - 1

If your tap water is over 200 ppm (or contains Calcium above 70 ppm), use Flora Micro® Hardwater. If your water contains 30 to 50 ppm Calcium, you can mix our original Flora Micro® with Flora Micro® Hardwater to create a perfect Micro blend for your plants. General Hydroponics® Flora series provides optimal growing results. Use FloraGro (2-1-6), FloraBloom (0-5-4) and FloraMicro (5-0-1) to custom blend a formula based on the type of plant and phase of growth. Mix special batches for starting seeds or cuttings, foliar feedings and other specialized needs. Complete instructions are on each label. For use in hydroponic and soil gardens.

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