Green Premium Plastic Saucer, 12"

Green Premium Plastic Saucer, 12"

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Premium Plastic Saucers

Durable, hard plastic that is washable and reusable. New bigger sizes to accommodate larger nursery pots.

The saucer measurements are as follows:

  • Outer diameter:  12"

  • Inner plate diameter:  10 1/2"

  • Depth:  1 3/4"


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  • Is 12” the inside diameter of the saucer? I want to set these under #5 root pouch grow bags with a diameter of 11”. If 12” is the outside diameter of the top lip they will be too small.

    I took out a #5 Smart Pot to check the fitting our saucer selection.
    I checked and the saucer measurements are for the outer upper lip measurement.
    That being said the best fit is a 16" Saucer size which at the base measures a little over 14" clearance.
    This is perfect for your needs.  Here is a search link to both green and black 16" saucers on our site.

    Happy Shopping !

    Jesse @ Team GardenSupplyGuys