Hyper Fan® Temperature Speed Controller

Hyper Fan® Temperature Speed Controller

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Hyper Fan® Temperature Speed Controller

The Hyper Fan® Speed Controller is extremely easy to use. Set the two dials and you will have complete control of your environment. The Hyper Fan® Fan/Controller combo has the lowest energy use of any fan/controller system out today. The controller thermostatically changes the fans RPM/ Speed as needed. For use with EC Hyper Fans only. All wire connections included.

Weight (lb.):  1

Height (in.):  2.9

Width (in.):  5.6

Length (in.):  9.6

Warranty:  1 Year

ETL Listed:  No

UL Listed:  No

Fan Type:   Fan Speed Controller

Oscillation:  No


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  • Hello, I have the stealth 8 And the regular hyper 6 , I know they come with a speed controller but on the temperature speed controller can you only set a daytime temperature where can you set a night time temperature because it says you should place it outside the Room so how would it know you're lightcycle? And also how long is the probe such as the 1 on the Mercury 4 for instance ? Thank you for your time

    Thank You for your detailed question.  

    Let's answer these in order for you in a breakdown going step by step.

    Question #1 - Can you set a night time temperature on the Hyper Fan® Temperature Speed Controller ?

      Answer #1
    - The Hyper Fan Temperature Speed Controller only allows a single temperature setting and does not contain a photocell to detect daytime & nightime differences.  This will only allow for a single temperature setting to run continuously while the controller is powered on.

    Question #2 - It says place it outside the room so how do you know your light cycle.

      Answers #2 - Placing unit outside of grow room protects the controller from UV Light & High Humidity degradation as this is not a sealed unit.  There is no way to monitor your light cycle because the unit does not contain a photocell to detect Lights On / Lights Off cycles.

    Question #3 -  How long is the probe length for the Titan Controls Mercury 4 Multi Function Fan Speed/Temp Controller ?

      Answer #3 - 6 feet / 72 inches is the length of the Titan Controls Mercury 4 Multi Function Fan Speed / Temp Controller.

    Based on your questions and what your searching for a controller to do by running a day time & night time temperature control your going to need a controller that has a built in photocell to be able to distinguish when your grow lights are turned on and off.  

    It sounds like the Titan Controls Mercury 4 is the better choice for your current application requirements and can also be placed inside the grow room since it consists of a sealed enclosure protecting it from dust & moisture/humidity.

    I hope this helps answer all your questions and that we helped guide you in your quest to find the perfect controller.
    If you have any other questions feel free to contact us as our customers are very important to us.

    Team Garden Supply Guys !