LightRail® 5.0 Side by Side Replacement Motor

LightRail® 5.0 Side by Side Replacement Motor

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LightRail® Components

This is the Motor only, so no Rail is included. Compatible with all LightRail 5.0 items, the LightRail 5.0 Motor has steel -on-steel carrier bearings. And, it has a high torque 4rpm instrument grade drive Motor with ball bearing output shaft and “sure grip” dual drive design. LightRail 5.0 is more than capable of moving 2 or 3 indoor grow lights side by side, or fore and aft, per crossbar. LightRail 5.0 grow light system will move up to 9 lights (or 6 lights to accommodate larger reflectors) with a single Motor. Note: This is the Motor only and it does not include any mounting hardware including switch tops. Hint: With LightRail 5.0 grow light system, perfect balance is key and vent tubing can play havoc with that. We recommend that if you do have vented indoor grow lights, you use LightRail 3.5, 4.0 or 4.20.

How do LightRail grow light movers work?

How does a LightRail grow light setup work? LightRail turns the grow equipment lights of our indoor growing kit into the best grow lights they can be. 


LightRail® Components - Instructions

Weight (lb.) 3.3

Length (in.) 9.1

Width (in.) 6

Height (in.) 5.6

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