Phat Carbon Air Filter 6" x 39", 800 CFM

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Phat Filters

Carbon Air Filter 6" x 39", 800 CFM

What Is A Phat Filter?

The Phat Filter is a professional grade, world renowned greenhouse filter that will remove the nastiest odors from your growing area to give you peace of mind.

The special carbon is mined from deep within the earth, and activated with steam at very high temperatures, then it's shipped to us for use.  No hazardous compounds ever come into contact during the activation process—keeping our planet green and clean is what we're all about! Genuine Phat Filters offer you the quality you can trust though non-pelletized carbon, using no glues or binders, thereby increasing the effective filtering capability of genuine Phat Filters. We are the most trusted name in greenhouse odor control worldwide!

Why use it?

Fermenting organics can smell nasty! Use a genuine Phat Filter to remove the worst odors from your greenhouse or growing area. Gardeners everywhere want their plants to have the best organic food that mother nature can offer. Unfortunately, the best organic plant food can SMELL VERY BAD, and you might think twice about using it! However, when you use a genuine Phat Filter you'll be able to use the best organics and the Phat Filter will get rid of any nasty smells—quickly and efficiently. 

Phat Filters will remove unwanted pollens, dust, and dirt to help you keep your environment clean and safe.

Phat Filters will also help remove other nasty odors, and are used in many different industrial settings, including:

  • Greenhouses
  • Grow Rooms
  • Grow Tents
  • Dog Runs
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Organic Fermentation
  • Painting Companies
  • Plating Facilities—using noxious chemicals
  • Restaurants
  • Sewage Treatment Plants

Where To Use The Phat Filter?

Use the Phat filter in any greenhouse, hothouse, grow room, organic fermentation plants, or indoor growing tent. The Phat filter is made exactly for these applications!

The Phat Filter can be attached to a centrifugal fan to scrub the air in a constant circle, or it can be attached to the exhaust line as a single pass filter, moving air out of the growing area. The Phat Filter can be placed on the floor or mounted to a wall or ceiling depending on your personal needs. We offer more sizes than any other brand to help you make your environment perfect for your growing needs.

Why choose Phat Filter?

Phat Filters are packed full with the very best carbon on the market… and we have the independent lab test numbers to prove it.

How do we know? Simple math.

Carbon Quantity x Carbon Quality = Filter Capacity

QUANTITY: When we say Phat Filter carbon beds are 2" thick, they are in fact, 2" thick. The same is true when it comes to Phat Filter bed length size; the size we claim is in fact the actual size, not a “rounded-up” dimension to make it seem bigger. So it stands to reason that we can obviously pack more carbon into our filters than some others can claim.

QUALITY: Phat Filters quality is also backed up by math and science too. ADsorption Yield (adsorption with a “d”) is the key. It tells you how good the carbon is. So how do you find the Adsorption Yield?

It’s an easy equation:

Dry Apparent Density x Butane Number = Adsorption yield

A high adsorption yield number equals a greater capacity to adsorb odors, which in turn means the filter is of higher quality and will sustain a longer life-span. This is critical when choosing a quality carbon filter like a Phat Filter.

So compare the numbers and you’ll see for yourself that Phat Filters are easily the best deal in the marketplace today! Phat Filters numbers don’t lie.


Phat Filters come packed inside a plastic bag to keep your charcoal fresh. Once you open your Phat Filter box, remove this bag and wipe down any extraneous charcoal dust that may have accumulated during transport.

Inside the filter you will find another plastic bag containing your white pre-filter; this is a Dacron cover. Remove this pre-filter and slide it over the filter canister until it covers the entire perforated metal portion.

Also in the bag will be two elastic bands. Attach one band near the top of the filter and one near the bottom of the filter. These bands help secure the pre-filter.

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