Pioneer 4' x 4 Tube T5 Fixture, Grow Tubes

Pioneer 4' x 4 Tube T5 Fixture, Grow Tubes

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Pioneer High Output T5 Fixtures

A trailblazer in fluorescent garden lighting, the Pioneer IV T5 Grow Fixture features an innovative wide-dispersion reflector to extend light coverage and help achieve impressive yields. Each unit is linkable via a built-in 120-volt receptacle, and integrated hanging hardware allows overhead or vertical setup. Vented heavy-duty steel housing keeps running temps low for component longevity.

The Pioneer 4-tube fluorescent fixture includes four 4-foot, 6,500-kelvin VitaLUME 54-watt high-output fluorescents best suited for supplemental or vegetative lighting applications. Pioneer’s elite features don’t end at high performance—textured powder coating gives the fixture an attractive finish.

This ETL-listed 120-volt unit is rated for 216-watt, 1.82-amp operation and includes a five-year warranty. This unit measures 46.77 inches by 14.72 inches by 2.38 inches. Initial output is 20,000 lumens.


Pioneer 4' x 4 Tube T5 Fixture - PDF Manual


Voltage:  120V

Watts:  216 Watts

Amp: 1.82 

Warranty: 5 Years

Lumens:  20,000

WxLxH:  46.77x14.72x2.38

Questions & Answers

  • What is difference between this fixture and the ones at bottom of page that say sold out? Are they all high lumen?

    Thats a great question !
    1.  High Lumen Output is the 54 watt Tubes included with the Fixture.
    2.  T5 Fixtures rated for 54 watt output per Fluorescent Tube can accomodate High Output (HO) T5 Tubes which generally produce a range of 4800 to 5000 lumen output / lamp.  In this case the fixture you looking at can produce 20,000 lumen output using the 4 Tubes included @ 5000 lumens each.
    3.  6400K Spectrum is ideal for vegetative growth & seed starting.
    4.  The models which show sold out are currently out of stock and not available to ship currently.
    5.  We offer many choices by many different brands, PIONEER is one of our most popular fixtures.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
    Happy Gardening ! Jeese Nelson