AC Infinity CLOUDCOM B1 Smart Thermo-Hygrometer w/ 12' Sensor Probe

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Smart Thermo-Hygrometer

  • A smart sensor designed to accurately give climate condition updates to maintain the ideal environment.
  • Corded probe provides fast-refresh climate readings and daily highs and lows of spot, remote locations.
  • Connect to our app via Bluetooth to access remote temperature and humidity monitoring and alarms.
  • Backlit LCD screen with desktop, wall, or magnetic mounting options to place and display anywhere.
  • Fit for use in many home and grow settings like greenhouses, grow tents, guitar rooms, and basements.


A smart hygrometer designed to provide accurate temperature and humidity readings to help you maintain the ideal environment for your room. This model utilizes our steel thermalloy probe to accurately measure climate conditions and generate daily high and low readings of spot locations. Its digital LCD screen can produce a backlight that can display information in darker settings. So whether you are wall hanging, magnet mounting, or desktop placing the temperature sensor, you will be able to quickly inspect your space to react to sudden changes.


Connect to the AC Infinity app for access to greater control of this smart hygrometer. This includes remote climate readings, trigger alarm programming, and calibrations of temperature, humidity, and VPD readings. You can also receive custom push notifications on your smart device for rapid response to sharp peaks and dips. See historical climate data graphs to track trends and export as a CSV spreadsheet for further analysis.


This smart indoor thermometer for home is fit for use as a grow room thermostat or nursery temperature monitor. Also fit in other grow settings like greenhouses, grow tents, and closet builds. The Bluetooth temperature and humidity gauge can also be used for animal comfort in reptile terrariums or chicken coops. Other home uses include apartments, basements, and guitar rooms where humidity must be kept to a minimum.

Product and Mounting Dimensions - Controller

   Total Dimensions    2.87 x 3.30 x 0.98 in. (7.3 x 8.4 x 2.5 cm)
   Display Size    2.25 x 2.22 in. (5.74 x 5.64 cm)
   Sensor Probe Length    144 in. (12 feet)

   Product Performance and Technical Specs

   Display    Backlit LCD
   Operating Voltage    2.0 to 3.3V
   Average Current    90 uA
   Detection Range (Temperature)    16 to 194°F
   Detection Range (Humidity)    0-100% RH
   Operating Temperature    32 to 140°F
   Operating Humidity    35 to 85% RH

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Seth I.
AC infinity does not disappoint

Everything was super easy to use and very accurate. I was able to drop humidity levels within a couple percentage points of my target area and was able to monitor right over my phone.