AC Infinity UIS Lighting Adapter Type-A, For RJ11/12 Connector Lights With PWM or 0-10V Dimmers

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AC Infinity

UIS Lighting Adapter Type-A

  • Enables UIS™ controllers to work with RJ11 and RJ12 connector grow lights with PWM or 0-10V dimmers.
  • Control lights from MARS, SPIDER, VIPAR, SUN, VOLT, and more. Not all models are compatible; see below.
  • Automate light cycles, scheduling, and climate triggers; unlock data graphs and alert notifications via our app.
  • Monitor and control your grow on your phone from anywhere with our latest WiFi-enabled UIS controllers.
  • Our ecosystem of controllers and grow equipment work together to create your plant's ideal environment.


An adapter dongle designed to connect our UIS controllers to grow lights from other manufacturers. The Type-A adapter works only with grow lights with RJ11 and RJ12 connectors that use PWM or 0-10V dimmers; see below for compatibility list. By connecting your lighting fixture to one of our controllers, you can automate it with light cycles, scheduling, and dynamic responses to temperature and humidity. It will also join the UIS platform of smart controllers and grow equipment, all working together to create the ideal environment for your plants. Our WiFi-enabled smart controllers allow you to monitor and control your grow on your phone from anywhere while providing data charts and alert notifications via the AC Infinity app. Once your first light has connected to the controller, you can control additional RJ11 or RJ12 connector light’s using that manufacturer’s daisy chain method. Includes a 10-foot RJ11/12 extension cord. Compatible with our controllers with UIS connectors like CONTROLLER 69, CONTROLLER 69 WiFi and CONTROLLER 69 PRO; an additional UIS device is required to power the controller. 


Most RJ11 and RJ12 connector grow lights using PWM or 0-10V dimming standards can work with the Type-A lighting adapter. However, each light manufacturer's dimming protocol is different so some may have a limited dimming range with our controllers. Lights that have spectrum control or utilize a resistor protocol are not compatible. See our other lighting adapters or the UIS control plug if your light is not compatible. A firmware update via the AC Infinity app may be required for your UIS controller to work with this dongle. Compatible lights include, but are not limited to:

  • BESTVA - Bat and TF Series
  • GROWER'S CHOICE - ROI Series (Limited Dimming Range)
  • MARS HYDRO - FC, FC-E, SP, and TS Series Models with Self-Branded drivers. See our Type-B adapter if your model has a MOSO or MEANWELL driver.
  • MEDIC GROW - EZ and FOLD Series
  • MEDIC GROW - MINI SUN Series (Limited Dimming Range)
  • PHANTOM - Pheno 440
  • PHLIZON - FD, PL, and PRO Series (Limited Dimming Range)
  • PHOTONTEK - X, XT, SQ Series that are compatible with their Dimmer to RJ12 Adapter (Limited Dimming Range)
  • SPIDER FARMER - G, SE, and SF Series Models with Self-Branded drivers. See our Type-B adapter if your model has a MOSO or MEANWELL driver.
  • SUNRAISE - Bar Series
  • VIVOSUN - VS Series (Limited Dimming Range)
  • VOLT - VL and FL Series

All BRANDS listed above are registered trademarks of their respective companies. AC Infinity does not claim any affiliation with these brands.

   Product Identification
   Manufacturer    AC Infinity Inc.
   Product Name    RJ11/12 to UIS Port Adapter, Type-A
   Product Model    AC-ADL7
   UPC Code    819137023673
   Product Dimensions
   Total Length    10.0 in. (25.4 cm)
   Molex Depth    0.30 in. (0.8 cm)
   UIS Depth    0.26 in. (0.7 cm)
   Product Performance and Technical Specs
   Male End    UIS
   Female End    RJ11, RJ12

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    Shawn Spice

    The connectors were perfect to make my megaphoton light work with my ac infinity controller,