Apollo Vertical Flower Tower 34-Site Planter, 3'

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Vertical Flower Tower

Amazing planter blooms into a freestanding Tower of Flowers! Perfect for decks, patios and porches. The 3ft tall planter holds 34 standard 1.5" to 2" nursery-sized plants.

Inside the planter is a unique internal watering tube, with graduated-sized holes at varied heights that allows you to water from the top opening and lets the water reach evenly throughout the tower, ensuring healthy blooms from top to bottom.

Assembly is a snap - literally - no tools required! Built in handles at the top allow for easy movement throughout the seasons. Works great with herbs, tomatoes and strawberries too.

  • Perfect for flowers, tomatoes, strawberries and herbs
  • Guests may think you spent a small fortune at the garden store, but think how much fun it will be to share your secret
  • Unique watering tube reaches all 30 plants
  • A handle makes it easy to move
  • Made of recycled material
  • Tower base:  10" diameter
  • Tower height:  36"
  • 34 Planting Sites