Bloomerang Dr. Funk Blower Filter & Fresh Air Re-Scenting Box, 500 cfm

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Dr. Funk Fresh Cannon 500 CFM Odor Killer Box

Does your room stink?  

Well the Doctor's here to make a house call! The Fresh Cannon is a Fan Driven Odor Filtration Box that can be used to clean and re-scent the air you place it in.

The Funk Fresh Cannon includes an industrial quality 8" Cage Fan that pulls 500 Cubic Feet of air through two reusable and washable HEPA Filters. It then drives that clean air through a refillable metal barrel chamber which can be loaded with your favorite odor neutralizing products, like activated carbon or scent polarizing gel crystals such as brand name ONA Gels & Blocks. If you have funky odors caused by Pets, Flood Damage, Mold or Mildew, Smoke Damage or Smelly Plants then look no further the Fresh Cannon is the only solution that Filters and Sucks, Re-Scents and Re-Circulates the out going air into your living or growing environment. 

Customers response is amazing with this product noticing air quality differences within minutes of operation. 

Garden Supply Guys highly recommends ordering ONA Gels & Blocks to fill the rolling barrel for a very pleasing scent release throughout your space treated. 

Easily manages a room of 5000 sq ft ( 25' x 25' x 10' ) with a purified air quality! 

Filter Type:  2x HEPA ( Outer & Secondary In-Line )

Fan Type:  8" Industrial Cage

Length:  19"

Width:  16"

Height:  20"

Volts A/C:  110-120

AMPS:  1.5

Frequency:  60 Hz

Total Weight:  34 lb

Wattage:  175

Airflow CFM:  500

Customer Reviews

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Jim B.
Very cool filter box

Nice craftsmanship and cool design. Took a leap not knowing much about this device but very impressed. High powered fan moved a lot of air with cool chamber built in to re-scent the airr after filtering. Although I don't need it I'd like another one. Something of this quality would generally cost much more. Loving it so far.